Our uniform dress policy is designed to support the standards of our school, fostering respect for self, respect towards others, and respect for the teaching-learning process.


Required Uniforms:


Field Trip Dress: A maroon logo polo shirt with khaki pants, skirt or shorts. Every student is required to have one maroon shirt with our school logo.


Pants / Shorts: These are to be chino, “docker” style. Corduroy and cargo pants are not permitted. Pants and shorts are to be khaki, navy blue or black.


Skirts / Sweaters / Sweatshirts: All tops are to be either navy blue, pale pastel yellow, maroon/burgundy, heather gray, or white.


Plaid: Skirts and jumpers (maroon and grey only) may be purchased from Schoolbelles, Lands End (burgundy-gray plaid), or French Toast (burgundy plaid) may be purchased as well.