Our uniform dress policy is designed to support the standards of our school, fostering respect for self, respect towards others, and respect for the teaching-learning process.

In order to accommodate a variety of clothing budgets, you may purchase your child’s uniform clothing from any vendor, provided that the clothing conforms to the policy. Suggestions of clothing stores to shop and compare include: J.C. Penny, Old Navy, Aeropostale, Target, Walmart, Lands End, Meijer and Kohl’s. Please shop for dress code articles of clothing that have no label or logo that is visible.

Required Uniforms:

Field Trip Shirt:

A maroon logo polo shirt with khaki pants, skirt or shorts. Every student is required to have one maroon shirt embroidered with the St. Paul’s emblem. This is the required field trip uniform shirt and is available through Lands End. Ordering information is available in the school office.

Pants / Shorts: 

Pants and shorts are to be plain Docker style with straight back pockets. Corduroy and cargo pants are not permitted. Pants and shorts for students in grades 2-8 are required to have belt loops and be worn with a belt. All pants (straight leg, no flares or skinny style) must be hemmed and off the floor. They should be plain uniform style with no special stitching or other patterns, studs or designs.

Pants and shorts are to be khaki, navy blue or black. Khaki should be of a medium or light shade of beige.  No greens or grays. There should be no logos or labels.  Shorts may be worn from August through October, and April through June. 

Skirts / Skorts / Jumpers: 

These items must be worn with shirts tucked in.  Skirts / skorts / jumpers should be at least finger-tip length (Measure with child standing straight with arms relaxed at sides) but no longer than above the knee. Finger tips should not go past the hem of the pants.  Colors include navy, black and khaki. Khaki should be of a medium or light shade of beige. There should be no logos or labels. 

Plaid skirts and jumpers (maroon and gray only) are to be purchased from the Schoolbelles Company, or Lands End (burgundy/gray plaid) or French Toast (burgundy plaid) which provide all of St. Paul’s official plaid uniform clothing.  

Shirts / Sweaters / Sweatshirts:

All tops are to be either navy blue, pale pastel yellow, maroon/burgundy, heather gray, or white.

All shirts are to be tucked in, showing the pant’s waistband. Proper sizing is required. No oversized shirts are permitted.

Button Polo (shirt): 

Long/short banded sleeves. No labels or logos. Solid color. May be worn by themselves, or under a sweater / sweatshirt with collar showing.  A white tee-shirt may be worn underneath, but sleeves must be short and not visible.

Oxford (shirt):

Button down or Peter Pan collar. Long/short sleeves. Solid color. No labels or logos. No casual style oxfords. Shirts may be worn by themselves, or under a sweater / sweatshirt with collar showing.

Turtleneck (shirt): 

No labels or logos. Solid Color. Plain shirt with no patterns or “fad” styles (on sleeves or neck). Regular or mock turtleneck styles acceptable (no short or “T-shirt” like collars). Turtlenecks may be worn by themselves, or under a sweater/sweatshirt only. They may not be worn under a short sleeve Polo or Oxford.

Sweaters / Sweatshirts (Half or full Zip): 

Previous “Bear Wear” sweatshirts may be worn in the designated uniform colors. However, hooded sweatshirts are meant for outdoor use only. You may also wear any pullover sweatshirt that is the same color as the Polos/Oxfords/Turtleneck (white, pale pastel yellow, navy blue or maroon/burgundy or heather gray). No labels, logos, zippers and hoods. Solid color. A polo, oxford, or turtleneck must be underneath with a collar showing. Sweatshirts issued as part of a team uniform are not to be used in daily dress.


Belts are required to be worn with all attire having belt loops. Black or brown. Kindergarten & 1st grade students are exempt from this.

Socks / Tights / Leggings: 

No holes in socks or tights. Sock / tights are to be white or other solid uniform color such as black, navy blue, pale yellow, khaki, maroon or heather gray.  No logos or prints are acceptable on socks. Plain black, navy, white, pale yellow, khaki, maroon, or heather gray leggings may only be worn under skirts or jumpers.


Comfortable shoes appropriate for outdoor physical activity are required (for example, tennis shoes). A separate pair of indoor gym shoes is required for PE class K-8. Sandals are to be worn with socks and must have a heel strap.  Any shoes with laces must be tied with laces exposed. No clogs. No wheels in the shoes. No fashion boots allowed.