SCRIP is a fundraising program where you earn cash back on all gift cards you purchase.

There are hundreds of gift cards available for purchase including:

  • Meijer
  • Walmart / Sam’s Club
  • Kohls
  • Pizza Hut
  • McDonalds
  • Panera
  • Culvers
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Starbucks
  • Zestos
  • Menards and Lowes
  • Marathon and Speedway
  • Amazon

Each gift card has a cash back percentage attached to it. Of that percentage, 70% goes into your family account and 30% goes to St. Paul’s.  Your earnings are applied to your school account, and St. Paul’s uses their amount for running the SCRIP program. They also give a yearly donation to the St. Paul’s Student Assistance Endowment Fund, which is matched 1:1 by the Lutheran Foundation.

Gift cards are available in a range of denominations from $10 to $100. Each gift card determines their own increment. Most are $25, with smaller and larger ones available for specific brands.

Simply think through places you go each month and purchase gift cards before you shop.

Here’s an example of how SCRIP can earn you money in one month. Spend…

  • $200 at Walmart / Sam’s Club (2.5% = $5) 70% = $3.50
  • $100 at Meijer (4% = $4) 70% = $2.80 in your account
  • $100 at Kohl’s (5% = $5) 70% = $3.50
  • $30 at Culver’s (10% = $3) 70% = $2.10
  • $25 at Starbucks (7% = $1.75) 70% = $1.22
  • $50 at Menards / Lowe’s (4% = $2) 70% = $1.40
  • $200 at Marathon (3% = $6) 70% = $4.20
  • Total = $18.72

Multiple that by 12 months a year and you will see how your SCRIP earnings add up!

How else can I earn with SCRIP?

If you are completing a big home improvement project at Lowe’s or Menards, price it out and buy SCRIP ahead of time. Both Lowe’s and Menards are 4%. If you spend $500 on home improvement things, 4% is $20 which means 70% is another $14 in your account.

When it comes time for birthday or Christmas shopping? You can easily do all your gift card shopping in one place – and earn money back as you do it!

The Kohl’s SCRIP card is the ONLY Kohl’s gift card that allows you to pay off your credit card bill. This means you can shop with your Kohl’s charge as usual and when your bill arrives, easily buy SCRIP to pay it off at customer service or the checkout register.

How do I order SCRIP?

Place your order by emailing Simply list the quantity and value of each gift card you want to order. Orders will be filled at 9am on Wednesday morning, so please submit before then each week. Please include your name and phone number, in case there is a question about your order. Also, tell us how / where you will pick up your order.

You may pick up your order in the school or church office. During the school year, orders can be sent home with your students, if you request that option. Please note that St. Paul’s is not responsible for orders that are lost once given to a student.

How do I pay for SCRIP?

If you are emailing an order, please pay with check or cash when picking up your order. Checks should be made payable to St. Paul’s Scrip.

You can also set up an online account, where you can pay with a credit card for a small fee. Start by emailing and requesting the St. Paul’s enrollment code. Then, go to and look for ‘Join a Program’ to complete your registration.

How can my earnings be used?

Each family can designate one of the following three recipients for their rebate:

  • St. Paul’s School Fees (The check is payable to the family for the family to choose if they want to apply it to tuition or band or other school fees.)
  • A “family check”, which you may use for CLHS or college fees, or some other education fee or cause you would like to support. (The check is payable to the family for convenience.)
  • St. Paul’s Student Assistance Endowment Fund. (A check and report is directed to our endowment fund account.)

I don’t have kids at St. Paul’s. Can I designate my earnings to a grandchild or a specific school family?

Yes! If any St. Paul member would like to “adopt” a family of their choosing, they can certainly do so. Simply designate your SCRIP rebate to a specific family. Any grandparents who would like to purchase SCRIP can have their account linked to their grandchild’s account so they will automatically receive those earnings. The first time you purchase SCRIP, simply mark this designation down and speak with the SCRIP coordinators so they can link your accounts.

Are SCRIP cards kept in stock?

We keep many of the most common SCRIP cards in stock. See attached list. However, there are more than 750 gift cards that can be ordered and will arrive quickly. Visit to view all the gift cards available.

When is my SCRIP account cashed out each year?

The balance of earnings are cashed out once a year in the late summer / early fall.

Who do I contact with more questions?

Email to speak with Margo Ernst, the official SCRIP coordinator.