We believe Christian education is imperative for the development of faith, academic excellence, and leading a life of service. We also believe that quality Christian education should be available to every family that is willing to commit to such a partnership with our school.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church significantly subsidizes (financially) the mission and ministry of the school, for St. Paul’s member families and non-member families. St. Paul’s continues to demonstrate its commitment to the nature and quality of Christian education happening in the school as it has historically done since the inception of the school in 1837.

The agreed upon family financial obligation for each child is expected to be fulfilled in order to sustain the quality of education being offered at St. Paul’s.  Our families sacrifice and commitment is not taken for granted.  

The full cost of education at St. Paul’s Lutheran School is about $8,500.  However, thanks to the support of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and the many scholarship and grant opportunities available, no student tuition is equal to the full cost. 

To learn more about tuition costs and scholarships available, please contact our school office at 260-424-0049.