Mission Statement: St. Paul’s Lutheran School exists to educate each child in a Christ-centered environment for a life of service to God and man.

Educational Philosophy

We believe that to receive the maximum benefit of St Paul’s educational program, it is imperative that students engage in learning at school, follow through with classroom expectations at home, and carry out all school activities in a respectful manner.

We believe that children have different strengths and weaknesses and develop at different rates. We acknowledge that children have different learning styles and a variety of interests and backgrounds. As such, our teachers strive to understand their students’ diverse talents, providing them with a broad range of learning opportunities through which every child may achieve success and relative growth.

We believe that the parents’ first responsibility is to provide their children with a fundamentally sound Christian education. St Paul’s Lutheran School is a valuable assistant to the parent in this vital work. Parents and school must be mutually supportive partners for the best educational results.

We believe our teachers, who have worked diligently to attain their educational degrees and who have been Called to their vocation in Lutheran education, are to be given the highest regard and respect for their dedication to fulfill our school’s mission. Trusting those to whom we’ve entrusted our children’s care is a vital component of a successful school experience.

We believe that all of us, endowed by our Creator with a body, mind, and soul, should live our lives in response to God’s gifts of grace, forgiveness, and the promise of everlasting life with Him in heaven. Because we are sinful, we need God’s grace which is given freely through faith in Jesus Christ, our Savior. We are assured of His grace and forgiveness as we come to Him, and one another, with a contrite heart. Our children, brought to faith by baptism and God’s Word, will be nurtured as the Holy Spirit works through faithful, meaningful instruction in the Word.

We Believe, Teach and Confess….

  • That there is one God in three persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • That every person is conceived and born in sin (original sin), and deserves temporal death and everlasting damnation for both original and actual sin.
  • That Jesus Christ is the incarnate Son of God, born of the virgin Mary, was truly crucified, died and was buried, and rose again in His body on the third day. He ascended into heaven, and will come again on the last day to be our judge.
  • That a person is saved (justified) entirely by God’s grace, through faith, which is created by the Holy Spirit where and when He pleases.
  • To obtain this faith, God instituted the Office of the Holy Ministry (preaching office).
  • Through the means of the Word and the Sacraments the Holy Spirit creates saving faith.
  • Believers must do good works, but they are not to trust in them for their salvation.
  • There is one, holy, catholic (Christian) Church, with Jesus Christ as her head.
  • The Sacraments of Holy Baptism, Absolution, and the Lord’s Supper are to be retained in the church.
  • That the Augsburg Confession (of which the above items are a summary of the first thirteen articles) is a true and faithful exposition of Holy Scripture.
  • The books of the Old and New Testaments are the true, inspired, inerrant Word of God.
  • The rest of the Book of Concord is, like the Augsburg Confession, a true and faithful exposition of Holy Scripture, and we subscribe unreservedly to it.

For a simple understanding of our doctrine, we invite you to read the Small Catechism or to read about what congregations of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod believe and practice.