St. Paul’s Athletics Program




Girls Teams:                                                      Boy Teams:

Volleyball                                                                                 Soccer
Basketball                                                                                Basketball
Track & Field                                                                          Track & Field
Cross Country                                                                         Cross Country
Girls on the Run                                                                     Wrestling




The athletic program at St. Paul’s Lutheran School exists to give our students another opportunity to honor their Lord and Savior as they learn and practice important values and principles of life such as cooperation, discipline, fairness and hard work. It also develops the overall athleticism of children as they learn the basic fundamentals of their given sports.



St. Paul’s Lutheran School participates in the Lutheran School Athletic Association (LSAA) which has a membership of approximately twenty Lutheran Schools. We compete with these Lutheran schools in an atmosphere of Christian fellowship and sportsmanship. We appreciate the hard work of parents and teachers throughout the various sports seasons who generously volunteer their time and talents to provide coaching and mentoring for our children. Parents who have an interest in coaching a particular sport may contact the athletic director for information on how to get involved!



Mr. Andy Whirrett, Athletic Director