St. Paul's provides weekly art instruction for grades K-8. Two art teachers are on staff to provide lower grade (K-4) and upper grade (5-8) art instruction. The lower grade art classes are designed to give all our students a basic understanding of the "elements" of art (line, color, texture,...), allowing them to explore many art mediums. The upper grade art program exposes our children to various art mediums at a more advanced level, challenging them with more "sophisticated" longer term projects. Famous artists are highlighted at all levels, with certain projects geared toward a particular artist's style/genre. Student artwork is displayed throughout the school building during the year, with opportunities for many of the students' work to be publicly displayed at the annual fine arts festival held at Concordia Lutheran High School in the Spring.

This school year we welcome professional artist Joni Walker to our faculty!  Mrs. Walker has been drawing and painting her entire life and in 2003 began writing and joniwalkerart4illustrating for Concordia Publishing House.