"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." (I Corinthian 10:31)

The athletic program of St. Paul's Lutheran School exists to give children, regardless of sex, creed, or race, another opportunity to honor their Lord and Savior as they learn and practice important values and principles of life such as cooperation, discipline, fairness and hard work. The athletic program also exists to develop the overall athleticism of children as they learn the basic fundamentals of their given sports, noting that our school places a priority on academic development, followed by other "extracurricular" experiences, including athletics."

The athletic program of St. Paul's Lutheran School is not a separate entity of the school community. Rather, it is an extension of the school, useful in developing the values, principles and beliefs stated or implied in the school's mission statement. A shared partnership between teachers, administrators, coaches, parents and athletes is expected, ensuring the St. Paul's Lutheran School experience to be a beneficial link in the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual development of all participants.

St. Pauls Bears at Valpo


The following standards support the mission statement of our school and need to be abided by students, staff, coaches, and parents at all athletic practices/events associated with our school (home or away events / regular season or tournament play):

  • Respect the Ministry of the School 
  • Respect the Authority of the Teacher (and other adults) 
  • Respect the Rights of Others 
  • Respect the Property of Others 
  • Respect the Teaching/Learning Process



Student Conduct During Practice- Conduct of each athlete will be consistent with the standards of the school. Beyond areas of respect, athletes will understand that playing time is earned. When a practice is missed without notification ahead of time to the coach, playing time may be jeopardized.

Student Conduct During the School Day and Its Effect on Eligibility- Student conduct in the classroom or on school grounds which contradicts the expectations expressed in our school standards may affect a student's eligibility. Students who receive a disciplinary detention or suspension will not be permitted to attend practice or participate in a contest until successful completion of the detention or suspension. "Successful completion" includes demonstrating a positive attitude combined with a sincere expression /plan of improved behavior in the classroom/school in the future to the supervising administrator.

Student Conduct at Games- The student athlete will accept the referee's and coach's decisions in a proper manner. Opponents will be treated with the Golden Rule as a guide (Treat others as you expect others to treat you.). Profanity and vulgarity are unacceptable; an appropriate "school consequence" will be administered for inappropriate or disrespectful behavior.

Coach's Conduct- The coach will treat each player, opposing coach, parent and administrator with respect and dignity. As an ambassador for Christ, the coach will conduct himself in a proper manner, using the time to minister to athletes, fans and parents. The coach will set an example of good sportsmanship and will exhibit self-control and use no profanity. As good sportsmanship is expected, the coach will strive to not embarrass his own team or his opponent by running up the score.

Bears FansParent's Conduct- All parents will conduct themselves in accordance with Christian principles consistent with the mission statement and standards of St. Paul's Lutheran School. Persons who conduct themselves in a manner inconsistent with this philosophy may be removed from the premises for the remainder of the game and/or season.

If a situation arises that necessitates voicing a complaint, parents will follow the guidelines indicated in Matthew 18 and Luther's explanation of the 8th Commandment. The chain of communication is 1) coach, 2) athletic director, 3) principal, 4) athletic council and 5) school board. At no time should private concerns be made public issues.

It will be the responsibility of parents to address all transportation concerns for games and practices. Parents should not bring their child to practices earlier than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. Parents should also pick up their children immediately when practices are scheduled to end. Parents wishing to observe practices must seek approval of the coach. Parents may not approach the team bench or competing children during an organized competition, including half-times and time outs, unless injury has occurred.Varsity Girls Basketball 2013


All interested academically eligible students who are willing to work hard, maintain a positive attitude, and demonstrate responsibility and consideration as a team member, will be given the opportunity to participate in extracurricular athletics at St. Paul's.  While academics are always considered the primary responsibility of each student, athletics provides and additional avenue to explore talents and learn new skills.  Eligible students are encouraged to participate in some aspect of our athletic program, as a means of developing individually, as well as contributing to our overall school spirit. 

Each student-athlete must have a valid sports physical form on file with the school before participating in any St. Paul's sports activity. 

 FEES:Clip Art LSAA  Athletic fees are set by the school board each year and are published in the registration materials you receive each spring (for the upcoming school year). 


St. Paul's Lutheran School participates in the Lutheran School Athletic Association(LSAA) which has a membership of approximately eighteen Lutheran Schools.  We compete with these Lutheran schools in an atmosphere of Christian fellowship and sportsmanship. 




We appreciate the volunteerism of parents and teachers throughout the various sports seasons who generously volunteer their time and talents to provide coaching/mentoring for our children.  Parents who have an interest in coaching a particular sport (or assisting the head coach)  may contact the principal or athletic director for information on how to get involved.



Please consider supporting our athletic programs at St. Paul's through our Athletic Booster Club!  We have various membership levels available!  You can also support our athletics through various Booster fundraisers throughout the school year, including the JV Boys Basketball Tournament in January.  Entry fees, concessions and other fundraisers help support our athletic programs.  Thank you for your support! 


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