We believe that all of us, endowed with a body, mind and soul, should spend our life giving God glory and praise. Because we are sinful, we need God's grace which is given freely through faith in Christ Jesus, the Savior. Trusting God brings us the complete forgiveness of every wrong. Eternal life in heaven is our full assurance. Our children brought to faith by baptism and God's Word will be nurtured as the Holy Spirit works through faithful, meaningful instruction in the Word.

We believe that children have different strengths and weaknesses and develop at different rates. We acknowledge that children have different learning styles and a variety of interests and backgrounds. Our teachers attempt to understand children and their learning styles. They provide as individualized a program in education as possible. The teacher's concern for the individual child's interests and needs provides a positive setting for growth in all areas of learning.

We believe that the parent's first responsibility is to provide their children with a fundamentally sound Christian education.  St. Paul's Lutheran School is a valuable assistant to the parent in this vital work.  Parents and school must be mutually supportive partners for the best educational results. 

We believe that to receive the maximum benefit of St. Paul's educational program, it is imperative that students engage in the learning at school, follow through with classroom expectations at home, and carry out all school activities in a respectful manner.

We believe that our teachers, who have worked diligently to attain their educational training/degrees/teaching licensure, and who have been Called to their vocation in Lutheran education, are to be given the highest regard and respect for their dedication to fulfill our school's mission.  Trusting those to whom we've entrusted our children's care is a vital component of successful school experience.



  • Effectively teach children the Law and to bring them the Gospel, showing them the way to heaven.
  • Help children achieve a healthy emotional level and develop social skills so they can live with themselves and their fellowmen with respect for human rights.
  • Provide children study habits and adequate material so they can be ready for future education and for life.
  • Provide for understanding in physical growth; and stimulate mental growth and challenge children to maintain their highest scholastic level by using their God-given talents.


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