Once Upon a Dream

The Musical

Musical main cast 2

Great job students!

School Musical 2013 cut


Musical 2013 Cinderella 3Musical 2013 Cinderella 2


 Scene 1: Village Square







Musical 2013 CinderellaMusical 2013 Cinderella 4









Musical 2013 Me

Scene 2: Cinderella's HouseMusical 2013 Me 2








Musical 2013 Me 3

Musical 2013 In My Dreams


In My Dreams!







Musical 2013 Going to the Ball Fairy Godmother

Musical 2013 Going to the Ball

Going to the Ball!








Scene 3: Palace Ballroom

Musical 2013 at the ball 3

Musical 2013 at the ball 2









Musical 2013 at the ball

Musical 2013 Palace Ballroom









Musical 2013 the ball - the king and queen

Musical 2013 the ball - Cinderella and the prince dance

 The Royal Waltz.



 Cinderella and the Prince dance.





Musical 2013 midnightMidnight.  Where did she go?

Musical 2013 the royal cleaners stomp 2















Musical 2013 the prince is coming to town 2










 Musical 2013 - if the shoe fits

 If the shoe fits..... Musical 2013 the shoe does fit



and it does!




Musical 2013 in my dreams ending



Musical 2013 the cast







Thank you to all the volunteers who made this great event happen! Special thanks to Jovita Nack and Jenny Keck (directors), Ann Fritz (music), Larry Koelper (producer) and Meg Mackenzie (costumes)! Musical 2013 - thank you teachers










Arts festival Concert at CLHS March 72013

Fine Arts Festival at CLHS.  St. Paul's band students participated. Great job! Arts festival Concert at CLHS March 72013 advanced band








 Pre-K Tea Party

 Pre-K "T"ea party ! Auction 2013 2







Auction 2013


The Annual Dinner Auction - Escape to the Tropics! 

Auction 2013 3







Auction 2013 6



Auction 2013 4







Boys bball Nationals Open Ceremony 32 boys 32 girls teams


Varsity Boys at LBAA National Tournament in Valparaiso - Opening Ceremony. 

Go Bears! Boys Bball Nationals at Valp Chapel 2013













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