Here are some things from November, 2012:  

School electionElection Day! The 8th Graders set up and ran a school election for all the students.Kindergarten Musical 2012 2


Kindergarten Musical 2012Kindergarten Musical 2012 2

  Kindergarten Musical: The Ugly Duckling!









Girls and boys basketball begins. Go BEARS!

Bears basketball 2012-2013 begins

Bears basketball 2012-2013










CLHS service day at St. Pauls 2

CLHS service day at St. Pauls 3

CLHS Service Day at St. Paul's!









 CLHS service day at St. Pauls 4Thank you to the CLHS students!

CLHS service day at St Pauls









 4th Grade American Legion Visit


American Legion Post visits the 4th Graders! Flag-folding ceremony to start the 4th grade Flag Test and Essay Contest... state winner to receive $1,000!


4th Grade American Legion Visit 2






Pre-K Fire Safety




The Pre-K students learn about Fire Safety! 

Dumpster Drummers teach the students about recycling.Dumpster Drummers 2012





 A very successful Grandparents/VIP Day!  Thank you to everyone who came to support St. Paul's! 

Grandparents Day 2012 ChapelStudents enjoyed chapel with their special visitors!




Grandparents Day 2012 Musical


Our special visitors enjoyed the Kindergarten Musical: The Ugly Duckling.




Grandparents Day 2012




Grandparents Day 2012 2nd Grade







Grandparents Day 2012 K




Grandparents Day 2012 pre-K







Grandparents Day 2012 -2








Grandparents Day 2012 - 3



Grandparents Day 2012 -4











1st grade Make Up Day2nd Grade Make UP DayMake-up Day in 1st Grade!  Thank you to the Bishop Luers Drama Workshop.

The 2nd graders enjoyed a new look too!













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