Take a look back at what the students were doing in September of 2012

secondgrade2012 Sixthgrade




Second grade.

Sixth grade.



Take a look what the students did in August! 

BackToSchoolBBQsetupSet up for the Bears back yard BBQ!BackToSchoolBBQsetupPlayground









The students at St. Paul's have been busy!  Take a look at what they have been doing:  

 One Book One School 2 1st grade picnic



 One Book, One School has begun!

1st Grade Class Picnic!






Here are some things from November, 2012:  

School electionElection Day! The 8th Graders set up and ran a school election for all the students.Kindergarten Musical 2012 2

The students at St. Paul's were busy in December 2012 - January 2013!  Take a look:


2012 Christmas Eve practice




Students practice for the Christmas Eve service.





Varsity Boys Basketball Champs 2013


Girls Cheerleading 2013Varsity Boys Basketball 2012-20132











Varsity Boys Basketball 2012-20133 Varsity Boys Basketball 2012-20134









 Varsity Boys Basketball 2012-2013 Flash Mob

Varsity Boys Basketball 2012-2013 Flash Mob2




Flash mob at half time!   







Varsity Boys Basketball 2012-20136

 Girls Cheerleading 20132










Kindergarten Round Up 2013 2Mrs. German at Kindergarten Round-Up.

Harrison String Quintet Visits School 2-6-2013










Harrison String Quintet Visits School 2-6-2013 2

 The Harrison String Quintet visits St. Paul's. Thanks PTL!

Harrison String Quintet Visits School 2-6-2013 3










 8th graders make Valentines cards for shuins

 8th graders make Valentines cards for shutins2









8th graders make Valentines cards for shutins3

 8th graders making Valentine's Cards for shut-ins.




 4th grade studies nutrition with the great grow RAT race program 2-8-13

 St. Paul's 4th grade studies nutrition with

the Great Grow RAT Race program!



 Cheerleaders sell Candy Grams for Valentines Day




 Cheerleaders sell candy-grams for Valentine's Day!

8th graders paper airplane competition 208013


7th grade paper airplane competition!





ISSMA Competition winners





ISSMA Competition winners2




ISSMA Competition winners! Congratulations!


 Mad Ants Night 2013 2

St. Paul's Mad Ants Night!




Mad Ants Night 2013 3





Mad Ants Night 2013





Mad Ants Night 2013 5Varsity Bears had the chance to scrimmage after the Mad Ants game!






5th graders Starbase Indianas



5th graders Starbase Indiana 2





The week of Feb. 10th the 5th Graders get some AWESOME math, science,  engineering and technology opportunities through StarBase Indiana!


5th Graders Starbase Indiana 3



 Musical Practice 2013 1







Musical Practice 2013 2

Students prepare for the school musical. 

 Once Upon A Dream!

 Musical Practice 2013 3






Musical Practice 2013 4










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