5th graders Starbase IndianasThis year the 5th grade class had a very unique learning opportunity at STARBASE Indiana on the grounds of the Indiana Air National Guard base in Fort Wayne.

"STARBASE Indiana is a premier educational program, sponsored by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs. At STARBASE Indiana students participate in challenging "hands-on, minds-on" activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). They interact with STEM professionals to explore careers and observe STEM applications in the real world. The program encourages students to set goals and achieve them." www.starbasein.org/5th graders Starbase Indiana 2

St. Paul's students were engaged through the inquiry-based curriculum with its "hands-on, mind-on" experiential activities. They studied Newton's Laws and Bernoulli's principle; explored nanotechnology, navigation and mapping. They were captivated by engineering as they used the computer to design space station components, then printed them out on the 3D printer. Math was embedded throughout the curriculum and students used metric measurement, estimation, calculation geometry and data analysis to solve questions. Teamwork was stressed as they worked together to explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate concepts.

St. Paul's students also learned to apply abstract principles to real world situations during tours led by teachers/guest speakers and lectures on the use of STEM in different settings and careers. Learn more about STARBASE 1.0 at: http://www.starbasein.org/starbase-1.0.html. 

One St. Paul parent that attended STARBASE with the students was "thoroughly ... impressed and pleased" with the experience. " It far exceeded our expectations. The quality -- and quantity -- of thorough, very educational, inter-disciplinary, and inspiring activities the students experienced and participated in was outstanding. Physics, chemistry, math, geography, earth science, biology, engineering, and robotics were all part of this great week. To call this a field trip is an understatement - this was an auxiliary math and science center (along with fire trucks and fighter jets!) that our students got to enroll in for a week."

5th Graders Starbase Indiana 3
What a blessing for our 5th graders!  Many THANKS to the fine professional instructors at STARBASE Indiana for their time and sharing their knowledge!





It's been a very busy year already!  Check out what our Bears have been doing!



JV soccer boys 2016 17 chase

Boys JV soccer! JV Boys soccer 2016 17









JV soccer boys huddle 2016 17

JV Soccer boys 2016 17











Run Bears Run 2016! 

RBR group photo 2016 

 Fall football 2016 17Run Bears Run Max Park 2016Fall Sports Pep Rally - Boys Football










varsity boys soccer 2016 17

Varsity Boys Soccer   Varsity VB 2016 17

Varsity Volleyball 








JV VB 2016 17

JV Volleyball cross country team 2016 17

Cross Country 







RBR kids finish 2016

 Run Bears Run Finale! 

Run Bears Run 1st graders finish 2016





First Grade Party 2016 RBR boys

 First Grade Run Bears Run Celebration 






First Grade party 2016 girls



1st graders RBR party 2016










Veterans Day 2016 with Col. Doug SchwartzVeteran's Day Assembly with Col. Doug Schwartz and Security Forces Tech Sergeant Rich Schweyer. Veterans Day 2016











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Spring time at St. Paul's

Here is what the students have been busy doing....


3rd graders at CLHS band performance3rd graders at CLHS band performance2 

   3rd graders at CLHS Band performance.








3rd graders at CLHS band performance33rd graders perform with CLHS band Morning Madness by Larry Clark

 3rd graders perform WITH CLHS band!








Swimming 1st Grade 20131st grade swimming at the YMCA! Swimming 1st Grade 2013 2









Swimming 1st Grade 2013 3Tornado Drill Practice April 2013Tornado Drill Practice.









7-8 grade trip headed out to Illinois 5-7-137/8 grade class trip to Illinois.  Heading out early... 7-8 grade trip on the way to Springfield 5-6-13










7-8 grade trip downtown Springfield 5-7-13Downtown Springfield, IL. 7-8 grade trip hotel in Springfield 5-7-13

Hotel in downtown Springfield.








7-8 grade trip Lincolns Law office downtown Springfield2  5-7-13Abraham Lincoln's Law office in Springfield. 7-8 grade trip Lincolns Law office downtown Springfield 5-7-13









7-8 grade trip Lincolns Tomb 5-7-137-8 grade trip Springfield dinner at Godfathers Pizza  5-7-13


7-8 grade trip Shedd Aquarium2  5-8-13The students headed to Chicago - Shedd Aquarium, Sears Tower and Museum of Science & Industry. 7-8 grade trip Science  Industry2  5-9-13









7-8 grade trip Science  Industry 5-9-137-8 grade trip Shedd Aquarium 5-8-13









7-8 grade trip Shedd Aquarium3  5-8-137-8 grade trip Shedd Aquarium4  5-8-13









Pre-K visits Kindergarten2 5-10-13

Pre-K visits Kindergarten3 5-10-13








Pre-K students visit Mrs. German's Kindergarten classroom.


Pre-K visits Kindergarten4 5-10-13Pre-K visits Kindergarten 5-10-13








 Kindergarten Field Day at CLHS! 


Kindergarten Field Day 2013


K releasing butterflies 2013Kindergarten released their Painted Lady butterflies! K releasing butterflies 2 2013








They started with tiny caterpillars about 4 weeks ago, then they made chrysalises, then butterflies emerged!

K releasing butterflies 3 2013K releasing butterflies 4 2013









Spring Concert

Spring Concert 2013 beginning bandSpring Concert 2013 beginning band 2













 Pre-K field trip to the zoo. Pre-K trip to the zoo 2013 2Pre-K trip to the zoo 2013











Pre-K trip to the zoo giraffes 2013

 Pre-K trip to the zoo Ostrich Egg 2013











Pre-K trip to the zoo play train 2013

Pre-K trip to the zoo snack time 2013 












Pre-K trip to the zoo tent 2013


Pre-K trip to the zoo Train Ride 2013





















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Welcome Back To School!!

2013-2014 school year begins!




 Back to School Ice Cream Social 2013 2Back to school Ice Cream Social! Back to School Ice Cream Social 2013 3











2nd grade parent volunteers 2013

2nd Grade working with parent volunteers.

2nd Grade working 2013












 Boys JV soccerBoys JV Soccer. Boys JV soccer 2013IMG 5119












Boys JV soccer IMG 5117

 Boys JV soccer IMG 5118Go Bears!











7 and 8 Outdoor Ed at Camp Lutherhaven 2013


7/8 Outdoor Ed at Camp Lutherhaven.






Run Bears Run!




Run Bears Run girls ready to run 2013


Run Bears Run warm ups 2013


 Warming up!


 Waiting to run!









Run Bears Run - start line 2013

 Start line.

Run Bears Run Start Line












Run Bears Run the race is one 201

 Run Bears Run!

Run Bears Run crossing the finish line










 Run Bears Run Chase clardy
















Run Bears Run finish line

 Finish line!


Run Bears Run We Did it 22013





















































































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It's been a long winter.... but our Bears haven't been hibernating!

Check out what we have been up to!  

 2014 3rd grade Art Class 2 3rd grade art class - clay!2014 3rd grade art class 3  









2014 3rd grade art class 4











2014 Lutheran Schools Week magician

Lutheran Schools Week - a magic show! 2014 Lutheran Schools Week kids enjoying magic show






2014 Lutheran Schools week group photo

2014 - pep rally girls ball2014 pep assembly boys ball

Pep assembly to get ready for the City tournament!  






2014 pep assembly boys ball 22014 pep assembly mad ant

 The Fort Wayne Mad Ant made an appearance!  






2014 pep assembly kids2014 pep assembly 8th grade flash mob

8th grade flash mob!






2014 pep assembly flash mob w kids

2014 pep assembly more flash mob 8th graders sharing some of their moves with the little bears....








2014 city tourney boys bball Varsity boys LSAA Champs 2014

 City tourney at CLHS!  Go Bears! 

 City Champs!! 





 Kindergarten celebrates the 100th day of school!  

Zero the Hero drops by! Kindergarten 2014 100th day of school 2014 Kindergarten Kindergarten 2014 100th day of school 2014









2014 auction

 2014 auction volunteers




St. Paul's School Auction! A great success!  Many thanks to all the volunteers, donors and guests!  


 2014 auction accordion player


2014 auction 5 







 2014 Starbase

5th grade at STARbase!  2014 Starbase photos 5th grade








 2014 Starbase 5


2014 Star base photo 7










2014 starbase photos 5th grade 2

2014 starbase photos 5th grade







2014 National Tourney opening ceremony

Our boys basketball team at the National Tourney in Valpo! 

2014 National Tourney game photo - Colton














2014 National Tourney photos - game play



Congratulations on a job well done!  2014 National Champs!  




2014 National Champs










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Students at St.Paul's can take part in the Student Life Organization - which consists of a small group of students from the 7th and 8th grade classes that organize and take part in special projects.  The Student Life Organization was designed to (1) hone leadership skills, (2) mobile students, and (3) serve the community.  Special projects undertaken by the Student Life Organization in the past include: adopting a Christmas family, putting together baskets for downtown businesses to show support and organizing and providing input for student activities.